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Lino Naranjo.

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Michael H. Glantz Ph.D

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CCB Director & Senior Researcher Boulder, Colorado


Robert J. Ross CCB Project Manager Boulder, Colorado
Tsegay Wolde-Georgis Ph.D CCB Research Associate Denver, Colorado
Lino Naranjo CCB Affiliate Scientist, MeteoGalicia, Spain, Lessons learned about lessons learned about disaster risk reduction, Risk Mapping for El Niño-related impacts Spain

+346 2747 4913

Affiliates & Adjuncts

Arielle de la Poterie Research associate PhD. Political Science and international Relations
Ashutosh Mohanty, Ph.D CCB Research Affiliate, New Delhi, India Climate, Water, Weather Impacts Research +91-7674075866,
Dale Jamieson CCB Affiliate Scientist, Director of Environmental Studies,
New York University
Environment-Society-Climate Research Climate and Ethics
Elizabeth L. Mclean CCB Research Associate, PhD Candidate, Graduate Research Assistant, Environmental Sciences
University of Rhode Island, USA
Fishermen’s Local Ecological Knowledge
Gregory Pierce CCB Senior Associate Scientist Ph.D. Candidate, Lund University, Sweden Human Ecology Office: +46.222.8420 (Sweden)Cell: +46(0)72.721.9773 (Sweden)VM: +1.303.496.1353 (USA)
Ilan Kelman University College London, London, England Disaster Diplomacy, Island Vulnerability and Resilience, Global Health
Ivan Ramirez CCB Adjunct Scientist El Niño Affairs, ENOS website,
Marie Ange Baudoin Ph.D CCB Affiliate Scientist A Small Grants Facility for Enabling Local Level Responses to Climate Change
Qian Ye Executive Director, Integrated Risk Governance Program Beijing Normal University, China Integrated Risk Governance Program of the IHDP and BNU China#: +86.130.515.15436
USA#: +1.303.492.6873
Tracy Nishikawa, PhD Consultant Water Resources Management San Diego