Will Tropical Storm Barry be Worse Than Katrina?

Source: Long Room

The upcoming storm in Louisiana is sure to hit hard but fast it will not. Tropical Storm Barry is estimated to be moving north-west at 40mph. Estimates for rainfall on Monday are at 12 inches. The differences between Hurricane Katrina and Tropical Storm Barry are stark, but based on the projections of the storm, the end results could be very similar physically: New Orleans and miles of coast on either side will be inundated by water.

Where Katrina was fast moving with a fury of 140+mph sustained winds, Barry is slowing things down (40mph) to ensure saturation with 12-18 inches of rain over the weekend. In some parts of New Orleans yesterday already experienced 4 feet of standing water in roadways. Given these rare circumstances, Barry could turn into a storm that rivals the impacts and cost of Katrina.

After the initial destruction of Hurricane Katrina had passed, rescue and relief agencies moved into New Orleans and surrounding areas to help with restoration and rebuilding efforts. During this time, lessons were gathered about how to approach these activities and even more lessons were collected about how to move forward and build back better. Tropical Storm Barry allows us to see if any of the lessons from Katrina had been implemented.

Below is an article published in 2008 about Hurricane Katrina as a “Teachable Moment.”

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